Filming of Dana Point

Filming of Dana Point

Has anyone seen a man filming various events in Dana Point this past year? If you have, you are witnessing a partnership between a television filmmaker, Zone 57, and the Dana Point Historical Society. This year-long effort will result in a professional quality film of Dana Point Now and Then, showing both historical photos and a time capsule of Dana point in 2010.

The Historical Society started this endeavor with seed money and is currently applying for additional monies to help support this ambitious project. One way has been to apply for a City of Dana Point Grant. We are looking for supporters to assist with the following list of components: to rent studio space; to obtain and integrate voice-overs; to edit the footage to tell a meaningful history of Dana Point Now and Then; and to develop both a branding and marketing of the film.

Finally, upon completion, this film will be of such professional quality that it can be aired on PBS and other national programs. It will promote interest in the history and heritage of Dana Point as well as giving Society members and the City another tool for an outreach to both the citizens of Dana Point and beyond. Dana Point promotes our city as “A Destination City.” This film will assist in enticing tourists to stay in Dana point, spend money and, thus, provide additional revenues. Have we piqued your interest? You might want to look at on the internet to see some of the footage that has already been filmed. Enjoy!

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