About DPHS

The Dana Point Historical Society advocates for the historic buildings that contribute to the eclectic visual character of the community and serve as reminders of Dana Point’s rich and colorful past, for the enrichment of current and future generations.

Dana Point’s historic buildings give a sense of continuity and security to the citizens of Dana Point.

Dana Point GazeboThe Dana Point Historical Society is a California Non-Profit Corporation and a Federal 501(c)(3) Tax-Exempt Organization: Tax ID# 33-0359288

Mailing Address: PO Box 544, Dana Point CA 92629
Museum Address: 33282 Golden Lantern St., Suite 104  Dana Point, CA 92629
Phone Number: 949-248-8121
Fax Number: 949-481-7409
Email Society: Museum@danapointhistorical.org
Email Newsletter: DPHSNewsletter@gmail.com

Monthly Activities:  Check upcoming events on this site for the locations of meetings and events and also follow us on social media.

Museum Hours: Tuesdays 1-3, Thursdays 1-3 and Saturdays 1-3 except holidays or special event days.

Board of Directors & Officers:


Barbara Johannes , President

Marsha LaRusso, 2nd Vice President, Membership

Bob Minty, 3rd Vice President, Programs

Heidi Hyde, Secretary

Nancy Jenkins, Corresponding Secretary

Gary Prenovost, Treasurer, Merchandise

Joel Bishop, Parliamentarian


Keith Johannes, Preservation

Grant Earl, Technology

Bruce Beal, Oceanic History

Joel Bishop, Public Relations

Elizabeth Bamattre, Special Events

Judy Henderson, Sunshine Ambassador, Director Emeritus

Randy Roberts, Tile Wall

Robin Valles, Historic Photos

Marco Carralero, Social Media

Max Brown, Newsletter Editor/Website

Kirsten Reynolds, Exhibits