Bridge Mural Dedication

At the March meeting, Lubica Selecka, the artist of two of the mosaic murals for the Dana Point pedestrian bridge, spoke of how she created her masterpieces. One of our discoveries was the mystery phone number on the dog’s collar that can be called for an explanation of the picture. Gene Burrus, The subject of the mural, recalled memories of visiting his grandparents here in the 1930s when the photo was taken in front of the old Dana Point sign. That photo was given to the Historical Society and subsequently selected to be a one of the murals. During his presentation, Mr. Burrus, now a resident of Dana Point, mentioned a family member who had served on the Liberty Ship, S.S. Richard Henry Dana, during the war. Research has begun to collect that history. Stay tuned for the story to appear here.

Save the evening of Monday, June 28, for our annual Scholarship BBQ. This is a city-wide event that funds our two $1,000 scholarship awards for this year.

Home Tour planning has begun. Several volunteers have already come forward to help bring this together. The Home Tour is our only major annual fundraiser and, while we are in “storage,” we are building a nice nest egg with its returns to help us build a new museum. As our collections grow, we are very anxious to share them with the public. Sunday, October 3 is the potential date for this year’s tour. We are looking for homes in the Chula Vista — Valencia area of Dana Point with R. H. Dana School as headquarters. We have a core group of leaders that have been doing this for ten years but there is always a need for additional volunteers to step in now and then to help. Right now, the most critical effort is in approaching, mailing, and tracking sponsors. Please give us a call or email.

Lubica Selecka & Gene Burrus at the bridge mural dedication. (Photo courtesy of Dana Point Times)

Under the leadership of member Bill Shepherd, we are working with several businesses to display some of our posters and Dana Point memorabilia. As they become available, we will let you know their location. We had great success at the Festival of Whales and met a lot of new people. Several of the events were filmed for our upcoming documentary of Dana Point. The Dana Point Historical Society has grown to the largest nonprofit, all volunteer organization to directly serve all the residents and visitors of our Five Star City. With your continued support, we have become a resource for who Dana Point is.

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