Welcome to 2011!

Welcome to 2011!

Welcome to 2011! Even though this is being written “last” year, I hope it is still newsworthy. In November we had our annual bus trip tour to the Pio Pico home in Whittier and the Rancho Los Cerritos. It started out as a dreary day, but the best was saved for last. What was unique to me is that 25 percent of the attendees, a bus full, were not members. Then we had our open house in December, with an unusual high atten-dance. Many of the general public just stopped in to say hi, see our latest display of the history of Richard Henry Dana, Jr., and to wish Pat Fairbanks congratulation on receiving the Pat Plepler Annual Citizenship of the Year award. (See photo.)

Pat Fairbanks
Pat Fairbanks, recipient of 2010 Pat Plepler Award

Our next meeting is outlined within. But this is also our Annual Membership meeting. The business before the membership is to elect, or reelect, members to the Board of Directors of the Dana Point Historical Society. Those agreeing to continue as board member, serving an additional two year term, include Judy Henderson, Rod Howorth, Doris Walker, Nancy Jenkins, and Mary Williams. New members to the board include Heidi Hyde, Regina Barnes, Bill Shepherd, and Liz Bamattre. Heidi Hyde will be an officer and recording secretary; Regina Barnes will be director at large and Membership Chair; Nancy Jenkins, Bill Shepherd and Liz Bamattre will be new directors at large. Bill Brough will step down as a director at large to concentrate his efforts as a newly elected Dana Point Councilman.

The year 2010 has been a very successful year for the Historical Society. We had our largest Home Tour; we did well in raising money for granting two $1000 scholarships; we began digitizing our document and photo collections; we acquired the Dolph Collection of the original house drawing of the 1914 historic home; we held the inaugural public reading of Richard Henry Dana, Jr.’s “Two Years before the Mast,” and we completed filming our documentary “Dana Point: 2010,” to be released some time in 2011.

The twenty-two year old Dana Point Historical Society has become the keystone in the building of Dana Point. The DPHS initiated the historic preservation ordnance with the city and now proudly showcases 27 homes and one schooner. We have successfully fought to save a historic structure from demolition, part of the fabric and history of our community. We have acquired and displayed historical displays of our community. Five current and former board members have been selected as Dana Point Citizens of the year and two have been elected from the board as members of the city council. And many have come to utilize the DPHS as a source for local history. All of this would not have come to be without the generous support of our members and sponsors. We still need directors or chairpersons for the Scholarship committee and retail sales. If you are interested in this or other volunteer positions, please let me know.

Carlos N. Olvera

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