Teasley Joins HS Board

Teasley Joins HS Board

Ross TeasleyRoss Teasley, CEO of Casa Dana Group, Inc., has spent over 25 years in marketing and communications and is shameless technology addict. He began his career building artificial intelligence systems for multi-lingual publishing companies (MIT, Michigan & Oxford University Press), built large-scale image and full-text databases (US Library of Congress, Ford, Disney), together with his wife ran the largest Russian-language publishing house outside of the Soviet Union (Ardis Publishers), published the first ever multimedia music magazine, broadcast music industry videos on the Internet beginning in 1994 (Warner, Sony, BMG), and has worked as a programmer, designer, creative director, and Marketing VP (AutoByTel, eCommercial, CelebrtyGolf).

He wrote and produced an educational documentary about local Dana Point history (Dana Point: My Home Town).

Ross is currently a Director for the Dana Point Historical Society and the Dana Point Earth/Ocean Society and has recently founded a volunteer group to supply marketing and technology expertise to struggling local nonprofits (http://OCGood.org).

Ross cares about community (scaling social capital, civic & social engagement), friends (cooperative support), conversations (education & social culture), health (food, exercise & environment), alternatives (fuels & ideas), collaboration (how to share data), sustainability, art, cars, creativity. He blogs at http://HyperHead.com.

Oh, and Ross really cares about good espresso.

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