Surfing Firsts and Bests

Surfing Firsts and Bests

Most popular and widely seen surf film in the world: “The Endless Summer”: Bruce Brown1

First & most influential surfing publication in the world: Surfer Magazine, John Severson)2

First commercially successful polyurethane foam surfboard: Hobie Alter3

Most produced catamaran in the world, the Hobie Cat: Hobie Alter4

Best surfer in the world in the early 1960s: Phil Edwards5,6

First winner of a professional surf contest: Mickey Munoz7

First retail inventory surf board shop: Hobie Alter8,9

First internationally recognized female surfer”: Joyce Hoffman10

First couple synonymous with tandem surfing: Barrie and Steve Boehne11

First surfer to use airborne style: Christian Fletcher12

Home of numerous surfing, Hobie Cat, and other water sports champions

Largest collections of rare, antique surfboards in the world: Hobie Sports, Dick Metz (Surfing Heritage Foundation), Flippy Hoffman and others

Oldest known surfer (presently deceased) in the world: Proctor, Ed “Pop13

Dana Point is the “AOL” (surf magazines), “MGM” (surf movies), and “Ford” (surfboards) of the surfing world.14









[9] Dick Metz




[13] Doris Walker, “Homeport for Romance”, 1981, 1987, 1995, p.148

[14] Dick Metz

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