Surfing and Sailing Heritage

Surfing & Sailing Heritage Projects

The Society has discovered that there are at least 68 historical first and bests discovered and listed to date in the Oceanic Historical Outline for Dana Point.

This document dramatically points out that Dana Point truly is historically unique. Dana Point is where the modern surfing lifestyle originated, as well as where surfing industries as the world now knows them started.

From Dana Point came the first world champion surfers, the first modern surfboards, materials, and techniques, the first full retail surf shop, the first and still greatest surf magazine, the first surf art, the first surf clothing, and the first true surfing movies. Many of these originators are sometimes referred to as the “Dana Point Mafia”, a term coined by the LA Times, which has unfortunately stuck.

Dana Cove ~ Pier ~ Surfers in the 60’s

The Oceanic Heritage Group and the Society have 10 projects underway, as follows:

1. Obtain and preserve Oral Histories of Dana Point surfing and sailing legends.
2. Research and record in a Historical Outline the significant events, persons, places, institutions, and references of the surfing/sailing history of Dana Point.
3. Obtain and show a surfing/sailing heritage history of Beach Road , Capistrano Beach and Dana Point, for exhibit at the Dana Point Historical Society Home Tour for 2003 and publish A Beach History of Dana Point.
4. Write local surfing/sailing heritage history articles for the Dana Point News and other publications.
5. Publish local surfing/sailing heritage history articles, photographs and other related information upon the Society website.
6. Present and preserve local surfing/sailing heritage presentations to monthly meetings of the Dana Point Historical Society.
7. Establish a local surfing/sailing heritage exhibit at the Dana Point Historical Society Museum.
8. Produce and preserve a video production about the Dana Point surfing/sailing heritage similar to “I Remember It When” by Dana Point Historian, Doris Walker.
9. Advocate and assist the establishment of the Surfing Heritage Foundation Museum in Dana Point.
10. Advocate and assist in the integration of a Surfing Walk of Fame into the Dana Point Town Center, complete with surfboards (rather than stars) integrated into the sidewalks, naming and describing local surfing legends.
11. Advocate and assist in the integration of bronze sculptures of the greatest two or three local surfing legendary figures into Dana Point art and cultural plans.
12. Advocate and assist the Dana Point Library in setting up a special local surfing heritage sub-library.

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