Louise Leyden Notecards

Louise Leyden Notecards


The Historical Society has recently received permission to reprint a set of note cards featuring three paintings by Louise Leyden, our famous local artist. She had note cards printed in 1949 from her California on Canvas series. One of the cards is pictured here. We must thank Barbara Johannes for obtaining the cards, Gwynne Simmons for allowing us to reproduce her cards, and Ross Teasley for making every effort when scanning the original cards to achieve true colors–also, Beacon Printing for a superb printing job. Barbara has packaged them beautifully in clear envelopes, tied the cards with a ribbon, and enclosed a brief biography of Louise Leyden.

If you need a wonderful gift that is also a memento of Dana Point for any time of year, please contact the Historical Society at (949) 248-8121 or dphistorical@hotmail.com. There are two sizes: the small ones are $7 for a packet of six and the larger size, $10 for six. A notation on the back of each card notes that these are a limited edition of the Dana Point Historical Society.

4 thoughts on “Louise Leyden Notecards”

  1. I am hoping someone can get in contact with me. I am looking for any additional information, available prints, or oil on canvas from the artist.

    I am her great great granddaughter.

    – Johnna

  2. My mom was a friend of Louise. I have 3 small paintings that my mom always said were of the Ortega Area. They are signed by Louise Leyden

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