DPHS celebrates 25 years at Sunset at the Drogher

DPHS celebrates 25 years at Sunset at the Drogher


We enjoyed a great turnout for the Dana Point Historical Society’s 25th Anniversary kick-off event at the Bluff Top Trail on September 26.  One look around and it was easy to see why this was the spot first chosen by The Society for preservation and public access to the Bluffs. With the sun setting and an evening of beautiful weather, the spectacular views were breathtaking.

Many long-time loyal DPHS members attended, along with some newer members and many honored guests. We were pleased to have Assemblywoman Diane L. Harkey attend and speak about the accomplishments of the DPHS, read a congratulatory Proclamation from the California State Assembly and also present a plaque commemorating the devotion of Doris I. Walker-Smith to Dana Point and Orange County. Fifth District Supervisor Patricia C. Bates sent her congratulations and a Certificate of Recognition from the County of Orange although she could not attend.   Also in attendance were City Council members Lisa Bartlett and Bill Brough along with City of Dana Point Mayor Lara Anderson, who recognized the importance of DPHS contributions to our community over the past 25 years. Mayor Anderson read and presented a framed proclamation commemorating many of the Society’s achievements.  We are excited to display these special recognitions at the opening of the Historical Society’s Museum.

Our President, Barbara Johannes, introduced many of our honored guests and she thanked the City and the Planning Commissioners for designating the original 1924 Scenic Beach Trail and the Arches of the 1930 Dana Point Inn as significant historical resources in time for our 25th Anniversary celebration. She remarked that the designations made perfect anniversary gifts as this is also the 25th anniversary year of the 1987 Historical Society effort, led by Liz Bamattre and Judy Henderson, to save public access to the Bluff Top Trail between Violet and Amber Lantern—the most appropriate place for our 25th Anniversary celebration!

DPHS Board Member Elizabeth Bamattre spoke about the early days of preserving access to the Bluff Top Trail, along with preserving the arches and getting the Hide Drogher Statue commissioned. As the second President of the Historical Society, Liz asked the former presidents in attendance to gather around her (past presidents Beverly Sels and Don Burnes were unable to attend the event). She also asked Doris Walker’s sons, Brent and Blair, to join her noting that Doris had been on the Board from the beginning.  Mary Crowl, Terry Walsh, and Carlos N. Olvera joined Liz and Barbara Johannes in presenting Judith Henderson with a Director Emeritus award in recognition of her 25 years of continual service on the Historical Society’s Board of Directors. Liz called attention to the evening’s program and asked attendees to thank the committee members listed there who created a lovely evening for all of our members and guests. Special thanks also go to Heidi Hyde who, as our drink mixologist,   created the evening’s signature sunset cocktail and to  Helping Hands who skillfully assisted with catering the appetizers.

 Among the audience, there seemed to be a feeling of gratitude for all that has gone into making DPHS’s many goals a reality.  Everyone appeared to have a wonderful time catching up with old friends and meeting new ones. We look forward to many more years and future anniversary celebrations!

                                                         Jessica Blair,  Event Chair

Drogher 25 - Crowd on stairs

There was a large gathering of DPHS members and guests for the 25th Anniversary kick-off event held September 26th at the Hide Drogher statue near Bluff Top Trail.

drogher 25 - Liz

Elizabeth Bamattre helps serve up refreshments.

Drogher 25  - Barbara, Harkey Doris Plaque cropped

Assemblywoman Diane L. Harkey, above, made two presentations to the Society: a plaque honoring Doris Walker-Smith and recognizing her dedication to the history of our area, and a framed resolution, below, from the California State Assembly recognizing 25 years of DPHS accomplishments. President Barbara Johannes accepted the honors on behalf of the Society.

Drogher 25 - Proclamation only, cropped

DRogher 25 - Lara and Plaque


City of Dana Point Mayor Lara Anderson, at left, presented the Society with a proclamation recognizing 25 years of DPHS contributions to our community. The Mayor also announced the September 18th City Council lease approval that will relocate the Society to a museum and archive space in City Hall.




Drogher 25 - Judy with past DPHS presidents

A special moment for Judy Henderson, center, surrounded by the Society’s current president and several previous DPHS presidents.  From left to right: Barbara Johannes, Carlos N. Olvera, Elizabeth Bamattre, Blair Walker, representing Doris Walker-Smith, Terry Walsh, and Mary Crowl.

A Special Thank You

The September 26, 2012, Kick-Off Celebration of our 25th Anniversary would not have happened without hours of planning on the part of the committee and additional help from volunteers.  Kudos to the committee: Elizabeth Bamattre, Joel Bishop, Jessica Blair, Judy Henderson, Heidi Hyde, Nancy Jenkins, Barbara Johannes, Keith Johannes, Georgelean Olvera, Ross Teasley and Terry Walsh.  The committee could not have managed without additional assistance from:  Bill Bamattre, Nick Bamattre, Regina Barnes, Rene Cortez, Dick Dietmeier, Pete Hammer, Christy Johnson, Hank Thomas, Lee Walsh, Mary Williams and Kevin Evans, Director of Community Services & Parks, who provided the sound system.

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