24th Dana Point Home to Qualify

24th Dana Point Home to Qualify

preservation_moore_giers01The Planning Commission adopted a resolution at the June 1 meeting designating the residence of Linda Moore and Mike Giers as a locally significant historical structure. The Commission recommended that the City Council enter into an agreement with the property owner for participation in the Mills Act Program.

City Architect John Tilton narrated a presentation that highlighted the original features of this Spanish Colonial revival custom home built as part of the Dana Point development by S. H. Woodruff in 1928. Historic photos taken with Woodruff and other individuals as the home were shown. Woodruff used these photos and those of many other Woodruff homes to advertise the development to prospective buyers. However, these are the only existing photos of the building process in three phases and to photograph Sidney Woodruff observing with clients or colleagues.

The Planning Commissioners presented Linda and Mike with a handsome 1928 Woodruff Historic Home bronze plaque that is now proudly displayed on their home.
Linda and Mike have owned their home for 12 years and considered only historical properties when they looked for a home in this area. Linda is a previous DPHS board member and is currently active on the Preservation Committee, helping to encourage the owners of historic buildings to preserve their homes and apply for the City of Dana Point Historic Register.

The owners’ application for The Mills Act has been approved by the City Council and sent on to the Orange County Tax Assessor. The Mills Act was adopted by the California Legislature in 1976 to give local governments authority to grant property tax relief to owners of qualified historic properties.

The City of Dana Point inaugurated its Historic Resource Program in 2001. The Mills Act is intended as an incentive for property owners to maintain and preserve historic resources that contribute to the historical character of the community. A historic building must be approved for the Historic Register to be eligible for the Mills Act program, and the two can be applied for simultaneously. Anyone interested in applying for the Historic Register and The Mills Act should contact The City of Dana Point Community Development Depart- ment and/or the Dana Point Historical Society for information regarding the process.

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  1. This is not a comment, but I couldn’t find a place for “contact” on this
    website. I have a question. Maybe you could forward it to someone
    who might know the answer. Years back, maybe around 1961 or so,
    there was a smorgasborg restaurant in the old Dana Point Hotel. It
    was NOT Sir George’s. Does anyone remember it’s name? I’d certainly
    appreciate it if someone could help.

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