Join us June 28 at 7 p.m. in City Council Chambers For a Book Presentation by Chuck Bassett

Our June program will feature Charles “Chuck” Bassett and his first book, Doheny Crazed: Barefoot Misadventures in the Golden Age of Surfing. Chuck will be accompanied by Jean Pierre “The Fly” Van Swae as he discusses his experience at Doheny Beach as a teenager from the City of Orange. Bassett’s book describes Doheny State Beach in the 1960s and he reflects on a time when it was a magnet for hundreds of surfers. Chuck and J.P. will share a variety of short stories including Chuck’s accounts of camping on San Juan Creek as a youngster, complete with cooking implements and bedding, which served as his “home base” since sleeping at Doheny Beach was prohibited. Doheny Crazed is in its second printing with additional photos to illustrate Chuck’s stories. Early arrival is suggested. A reception and book signing will be held in the museum after the meeting. His book will be available for purchase.