Youth Board Presents Donation to DPHS

Six members of the 2012-2013 Dana Point Youth Board met with Ross Teasley and me at the museum the afternoon of April 4th to present a $500 donation to the Dana Point Historical Society.   The members of the Dana Point Youth Board chose to support the Dana Point Historical Society because they understand the value and importance of the history of Dana Point and are honored to help preserve our history and teach others about Dana Point.

The Youth Board members host or volunteer at 10 events between November and June.  They raise their funds by hosting a holiday cookie decorating booth at the Winter Festival and selling snacks at the Movie in the Park.  From the money they earn from hosting these two events they are able to adopt a family for the holiday.  These families often are facing tough times and are trying to get back on their feet.  This year they adopted a family of 8, a mother and 7 children, and were able to provide them with needed items like clothing and school supplies, as well as providing them with items such as stuffed animals, toys and sports equipment.

The Youth Board members are appointed by our City Council, meet twice each month and serve a maximum of two years.  They review and vote on programs and activities they would like to support throughout the school year and also make decisions regarding donations to organizations.  They also organize events such as the Holiday Home Decorating Contest.  They develop a scoring criteria, develop marketing, and score each participating home.

Robert N. Sedita, Jr. is a Management Analyst for the City of Dana Point.  As part of his duties, he oversees the Youth Board’s activities as its advisor.   Robert summed up the board’s and his own feelings with this quote:

“Too often people forget about the history around them and what made their city what it is today.  Dana point is filled with so much history, and has many historical documents, homes, and buildings that have withstood the test of time.  It is great to know that the Historical Society is there help preserve these artifacts, and inform both visitors and residents of Dana Point about Dana Point’s history for generations to come.”

DPHS is impressed with the accomplishments of Dana Point Youth Board members who, as active volunteers and philanthropists, raise funds for a family that needs assistance and for the preservation of Dana Point history for future generations.—BFJ

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