Scholarship Awards 2009

Annual Awards Presented to DHHS Scholars

Scholarship awards for 2009 were presented on May 27 at Dana Hills High School. These scholarships, awarded by the Dana Point Historical Society in the amount of $1,000 each, went to Brennan Whitley and Kotaro Ogino.

drogher_2009_06_06Brennan Whitley received the Lucy Chavarrias-Saunderson Scholarship. Brennan scored high in her U.S. History exams and SAT tests. She is planning on a major in psychology. Her school activities included several organizations where she served as an officer and put forth many voluntary hours of community service. She is an AP Scholar with Honors.

drogher_2009_06_07Kotaro Ogino received the Dana Point Historical Society Scholarship. Kotaro also scored high in history SAT tests. He is planning on a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Emigrating from Japan, he first attempted to communicate in English at the age of eleven. He is now fluent in English, appearing on the Superintendent’s Honor Roll for three years and receiving Academic Distinction. He is active in soccer, in tutoring, in providing homeless shelters, and in assisting with the Dana Point Turkey Trot.

The Dana Point Historical Society’s annual barbecue and the Lucy Chavarrias-Saunderson family make these scholarships possible. This year the barbecue will be held on Monday, June 22, at Doheny State Beach. By attending this annual event and by visiting El Patio Café in Capistrano Beach, Dana Point residents and friends can keep these scholarships going and growing.

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