President’s Message 2013 March

Barbara Profile ShotMarch is a ‘whale of a month’ for the Dana Point Historical Society.  Our organization’s entry in the March 2nd Festival of Whales Parade was a classic 1929 Packard limousine courtesy of the owner, Mr. Charlie Beuchat, and arranged by the City of Dana Point Community Services & Parks.  Eight members rode or walked with the Dana Point Historical Society Banner and historical photographs to represent our mission in the community. While we were checking in at the parade assembly area, Max Brown and committee were efficiently setting up the DPHS booth on Harbor Drive as part of the FOW Art in the Park.  Many thanks to the 17 volunteers who organized, set up the tent, tables and merchandise, manned the booth for two days and then took it down and back to the museum each evening.

March 8, 9 & 10 marked our third annual public reading of Two Years Before The Mast at which approximately 90 community volunteers read at the Nature Interpretive Center from Friday afternoon through Sunday noon.  Elizabeth Bamattre, Ann Liebowitz, Georgelean Olvera and Marsha LaRusso also recruited 36 folks new to the experience.  It is quite an undertaking to schedule 90 people in 10-minute slots over three days.  The DPHS booth with our historic photos and merchandise moved to the Nature Interpretive Center on Saturday and Sunday in support of the public reading, where 15 members again volunteered. Then, of course, all the merchandise, equipment, banners and pictures had to be returned to the museum or the storage unit the following week. We appreciate everything Sean Vogt, Natural Resources Preservation Officer, did to welcome us to the center.

As if all this weren’t enough, four DPHS Walking Tours were held during the FOW weekends, led by Terry Walsh, chair, Keith Johannes, Elizabeth Bamattre, and Rene Cortez, and enjoyed by members and visitors each afternoon.   All of these activities provided fun opportunities to get to know our members better, meet new people and welcome visitors to Dana Point.  That is what the Festival of Whales is all about.

March 27th at 4:30 p.m. is the ribbon-cutting ceremony of our new museum at City Hall Plaza.  Please mark your calendar to attend.  Mayor Steven Weinberg, city council members and the Chamber of Commerce will officiate, followed by a reception for guests and members.  Ross Teasley and the Museum Committee are feverishly working on getting ready for the opening.  Kirsten Reynolds has done a great deal of research and travel for our exhibits. Rod Howorth is taking inventory on merchandise, Rene Cortez is ordering historic photos and we are attempting to organize materials even while planning FOW activities and monthly programs.

My thanks to Marlene and Bruce Beal for arranging our February 27th meeting with local surfing great Mickey Munoz.  More than 50 guests enjoyed Mickey’s slides and his experiences as a waterman. Thank you, Mickey!   We are so fortunate to have a dedicated board of directors and each of you, our loyal members. I look forward to seeing you at our festive opening on Wednesday, March 27th.

Barbara Force Johannes

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