President’s Message 2013 February

President’s Message 2013 February

Barbara Profile ShotOur New Year is off to a great start due to January’s well-attended annual meeting.  We shared delicious home cooking and socialized with friends over dinner.  The annual meeting was dedicated in memory of Beverly Sels, DPHS past president from 1996-2001, who passed away on January 5. The January 2012 annual meeting minutes were read by Secretary Heidi Hyde and approved.  The 2012 Financial Report was accepted and will be audited by the Finance Committee within 90 days and reviewed by our CPA.  Nancy Jenkins gave the Bylaws Committee report and a motion was passed to accept the bylaws revisions.  Parliamentarian Mary Crowl announced the slate of officers who were approved by a vote of the members.  The installation of elected and appointed officers was conducted by City Councilman Carlos N. Olvera, who, as immediate past DPHS president, commented on the high quality of past and present officers with whom he had the pleasure of serving.  Thanks to Carlos administering our pledge to serve, we all feel officially responsible to carry out the Historical Society’s mission.  Ross Teasley, VP Museum, reported on the museum’s progress, the need for docents and the March 27 museum opening.  After additional announcements, the business meeting was adjourned by vote of the members.

On behalf of the Board of Directors and our members, it was my privilege to read the Pat Plepler Citizenship Award Proclamation honoring Terry Walsh and to present him with the award for his civic activism. The recognition of Terry’s service is a salute to Pat’s memory and her dedication to our quality of life.

Joel Bishop introduced the evening’s featured speaker, Dr. Dorian Paskowitz, and described how the two men met on their daily exercise walks in Sea Terrace Park.  “Doc,” along with his wife, Juliette, entertained us with his surfing adventures along the pristine California coast of the 1930s that included Dana Point.

March will be an event-filled month.  The Festival of Whales begins on March 2 & 3 and volunteers are needed for our booth in the harbor and to accompany visitors on the Historical Society walking tour through Town Center at 2:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday of both weekends. The walk is entertaining and good exercise.

You will really feel a part of history when you read aloud from Two Years Before the Mast.  100 readers are being scheduled now, as explained in this issue, and you and I can be among them. In contemporary terminology, Richard Henry Dana Jr. is truly the creator of Dana Point’s historic brand, with his phrase “the most romantic spot on the coast..”

All of these activities provide an opportunity to display historic photos, tell our stories and celebrate our history for our community and visitors.  Please be an active participant in one or more of these fun events.  March comes to a close with our museum opening and ribbon-cutting ceremony in City Hall on the 27th.  City Council members and the Chamber of Commerce will officiate.  Again, we would love to have your help in preparing the museum and/or becoming a docent when the museum is opened.  It will be a success with your help.

Not to be missed, Mickey Munoz is our speaker for the February 27 meeting!  Nicknamed “The Mongoose,” Mickey is a local surfing legend and this is our chance to be “up close and personal” with a historical figure in the surfing world.  My sincere thanks go to Marlene and Bruce Beal for arranging this treat.

Regina Barnes, VP Membership, wrote these remarks in an email to our board members:  “Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed last night’s meeting…I have never been involved with an organization that has such great members.  Everyone truly cares for the organization…”

Regina expressed how many of us felt at the annual meeting.  We do appreciate your support and invite you to join our team as an active member.  I look forward to seeing you at our Wednesday, February 27 meeting and throughout our March events.

                                                                        Barbara Force Johannes

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