Marlene and Bruce Beal to Introduce Guest Speaker Mickey Munoz at February 27 Meeting

Marlene and Bruce Beal to Introduce Guest Speaker Mickey Munoz at February 27 Meeting

Munoz1Please join us February 27, 2013, at 6:30 p.m. for our monthly meeting, which will feature surfing legend Mickey Munoz.  This event will be held in the Dana Point Room of the Dana Point Marina Inn, 24800 Dana Point Harbor Drive. Refreshments will be provided.

The Society will be honored and graced by one of the world’s (Dana Point’s own) surfing pioneers.  Actually, Mickey has full “Waterman” status in the world.  We will have before us a Waterman who was the first to surf Waimea in Hawaii in 1957 and the outer reefs of North Shore Hawaii on self-made 16-foot surfboards as well as the first surfer to win a professional surfing contest.

Mickey Munoz has been one of the most creative figures in modern surfing, inventing many modern surfboard shapes, and more notoriously, surfing poses, such as the infamous “Quasimoto” (See book cover).  These surfing poses have become compulsory exercises, poses that every surfer has to master to prove he or she has reached a minimal level of skill.  Mickey was one of the original Hobie Surf Team members and board shapers (one of the “main men” at Hobie).  He was also the surfing double for Gidget in the famous 1959 movie of the same name.

Mickey Munoz bookThis will not be a customary presentation format.  While there will be memorable images flashing in the background, and his new book will be circulating for your review, Mickey and his wonderful and supporting wife, Peggy, will be available to relate his “Talking Stories” about his life in Dana Point and far beyond.  You will have the opportunity to ask questions that undoubtedly will bring colorful answers.  Don’t miss this distinctly historical event, or the chance to purchase this most historical book about Dana Point, signed by the author!  And be sure to ask Mickey about his America’s Cup involvement!  Mickey is also a sailor among sailors. Save Wednesday, February 27 for an evening of blissful rides on Mickey and Peggy’s waves of history.

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