Historical Society February Meeting Will Feature Guest Speaker Eric Plunkett

On Wednesday, February 28, at 7 p.m., the Dana Point Historical Society will present history enthusiast Eric Plunkett as our featured Speaker.  Eric graduated with a degree in History from Cal State University Fullerton in 2008. He will discuss a brief overview of the life of Richard Henry Dana, Jr. and his book Two Years Before the Mast. In doing so, the early use of Dana Point as an anchorage will be examined. He will also give a detailed analysis of Dana’s time in Dana Point, focusing on the locations where the events in the book took place. His article, “Richard Henry Dana at Dana Point,” is being published in two parts in the next two issues of the journal The Branding Iron, published by the Los Angeles Corral of Westerners. Eric is also currently working on a blog with a series of articles covering the chronological history of visitors to the San Juan Capistrano area. You can view his blog here: https://visionsofcalifornia.blogspot.com/

We will meet in council chambers at Dana Point City Hall. A reception will be held in our museum immediately following the program.

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