DPHS Annual Meeting and Potluck Dinner Wednesday, January 20

Please join us for our annual meeting and potluck dinner on Wednesday, January 20, at Dana Point Community House at 24642 San Juan Avenue. Doors open at 6 PM, although volunteers to help set up chairs and tables at 5:30 PM would be greatly appreciated. A reception starts the evening, followed by a potluck dinner at approximately 6:45 PM. Opening comments and approval of the 2016 slate of incumbent officers and appointed board members will begin at approximately 7:15 PM.  Our final program event will feature longtime DPHS member Wayne Rayfield, left, who will receive the Pat Plepler Award. Several guest speakers will describe his active citizenship and community service.

Please bring a dish to serve 6-8 people for the potluck dinner. Beverages will be available but a donation of wine or beer is always appreciated.

Members who wish to nominate individuals for apply for vacant positions should contact Barbara Johannes at least two days prior to the annual membership meeting.

2016 Election of Board Members & Confirmation of Appointed Committee Chairs

OFFICERS to be elected by the members in January 2016:

VACANT (2016-18)                                                   1st Vice President, Museum/Archives

Bob Minty (2016-18)                                                 3rd Vice President, Programs

Nancy Jenkins (2016-18)                                          Corresponding Secretary

Board-appointed committee chairs renewed for two years in 2016:

Elizabeth Bamattre (2016/18)                                   Special Events

Judy Henderson (2016-18)                                        Sunshine Ambassador, Director Emeritus

Rod Howorth (2016-18)                                             Merchandise

Terry Walsh (2016-18)                                               Walking Tours


Current Board Members & Appointed Committee Chairs

OFFICERS elected by the members in January 2015:

Barbara Johannes (2015-17)                                       President

Marsha LaRusso (2015-17)                                        2nd Vice President, Membership

Heidi Hyde (2015-17)                                                 Recording Secretary

Paul Hinman (2015-17)                                              Treasurer

Elizabeth Bamattre (2015-17)                                     Parliamentarian


Board-appointed committee chairs confirmed in January 2015:

Bruce Beal (2015-17)                                                 Director, Ocean Heritage Projects

Joel Bishop (2015-17)                                                Public Relations

Max Brown (2015-17)                                     Newsletter/Web Editor

Sandie Iverson (2015-17)                                           Photos

Keith Johannes (2015-17)                                           Preservation

Kirsten Reynolds (2015-17)                                        Exhibits

Vacant                                                                                 Docents

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