Double-Sided Street Sign History

Double-Sided Street Sign History

Innovative Double-Sided Street Sign History Project

Traffic and street information signs are valuable conveyors of information to the public. However, the reverse sides of these signs have no value other than to block pedestrian views.

There is a solution to this blocked view. Use the reverse side of the sign to post identically-sized pedestrian sign panels depicting and explaining historical, cultural and other significant facts about the City of Dana Point.

For example, a pedestrian walking near a historically significant structure would be able to stop and read a sign on the back of a street sign explaining the significance of the nearby structure. The sign post is doing double duty and not taking any more view than the original sign. The below example demonstrates what might be placed on the back of a “No Parking” or other street sign on Blue Lantern Street.


Various local associations, such as the Dana Point Historical Society , local schools, and other groups and individuals could participate by designing such signs for City approval, funding and posting on the reverse of existing signs in close proximity to their subject matter. Funding needs for such a project should be relatively insignificant. No commercial advertising would be allowed, other than to promote recurring City-related events, such as the Whale and Tall Ship Festivals.

These signs would invite persons to walk through the streets of Dana Point , especially the Town Center Area, to learn fascinating facts about the history, culture, and other significant features of the City. I intend to promote this project to the City Council in the coming months and would appreciate support from other citizens and groups in Dana Point who believe this is a valuable use of unused display space. The Dana Point Historical Society has indicated its support for this proposal. Further support and ideas for this project are solicited from citizens and groups via email at

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