Dana Point Youth Board Visits DPHS Museum

LizCroppedThe City of Dana Point Youth Board, together with their advisor, Robert N. Sedita, Management Analyst, City of Dana Point, visited the DPHS museum on Thursday, February 6th, as part of their regularly scheduled Youth Board Meeting.  Elizabeth Bamattre, shown right, Event Chair of the Society’s Fourth Annual Reading of Two Years Before the Mast, invited the students to take part as readers, volunteers or both, at the Nature Interpretive Center on March 6, 7, 8.  She explained that the public reading commemorates Richard Henry Dana Jr.’s classic memoir which placed our area on the map of the English speaking world.

ReginaCroppedRegina Barnes, shown left, VP and Scholarship Chairman, announced and outlined the Doris I. Walker and Lucy C. Saunderson Scholarships available to high school seniors.   The scholarship applications are available through counselors at each of the high schools to students who are residents of Dana Point.  Barbara Johannes, DPHS President, explained a few of the museum’s exhibits to the students and invited them to return for another visit in the near future when they weren’t exhausted from finals. She also asked them to consider volunteering as museum docents on Saturdays as part of their community service, if their schedules allowed.  It was a delight to see the museum filled with these very polite high school students.

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